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CMS is a web-based Courier Management System which supports the high accessibility of courier services to the corporate and to the customer. The system is being used for day to day activities such as booking a courier, maintain hub details, maintain company details, process data of businesses and many other things.

CMS can be personalized to fit your business and can either be used as a complete system or as separate modules.This idea of the project represents the ‘Courier Service Management System’.

The system is being used for day to day actions such as maintain employee details, booking a courier, maintain hub details, maintain corporation details, process data of employees and many other things.

Courier management computerization is “the incorporation of appropriate technology to help manager manage information. Technology is considered suitable when it utilizes the most abundant domestic possessions and conserves investment and skilled personnel”.

The main aim of this project is to computerize the maintenance of courier management.


The objective of the project is to deliver an efficient Courier Management System whose main functionality apart from calculating the courier Bill include predicting the time required to reach the destination.

As per our client requirement, our main object should be managing consignment in an effective manner. The Proposed System is eliminating all problem of the existing system.

And automate all process in high-tech. It should keep a record of customer booking and delivery details and so on can be proficient without much effort the success criteria depend on

The accuracy in calculating the bill for each consignment.

The accuracy in predicting the time required to reach the destination.

User interface simplicity and user-friendliness.

There Are 3 Module Are Used in This Project Like,

USER Fromt-End HERE 

New registration:

The user can register themselves in the system. This is a fully automated process to assign verification using admin.

View /update login details:

Users can view their details and update their details if required.

View tracking information:

The user can view the information about courier tracking.

View offers:

The user also can view the offer related to him.

ADMIN Demo ( Username: admin123 | Password: admin123)

View/update user details:

Only the admin has the right to change the user details.

Update policy details:

Only the admin has the right to change the policy details.

Track the courier details:

Like any other user, admin can also track and instruct his team to manage the consignment.

Update offers:

Admin can update the offer details.


This module helps the branch admin to use various facilities after the logged on courier services like: –

Update status:

Their main work is to update consignment details and status of the consignment

View status:

View the status of others consignment and add the current information of consignments.